The Fretheim farm is beautifully situated over the station/port area of Flam in Aurland Municipality. The farm has been in the Fretheim family since the 1600’s.


  Sue and Anders Fretheim have recently handed over the reins of the farm to their eldest son. Sue is from Australia and first met Anders in 1986 when she was travelling around Europe. The farm has for the past 25 years been run organically and the main product produced on the farm is meat from Dexter cows.

Reindeer and Red deer hunting have also been and still are an important food source.

Media mentions:

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  Fretheim Farmhouse '09   View from farm

              Fretheim Gard      view from farm 1

               Hannah & calf 2           Sue og Caitlin(kyr)

      Kyr på beite 

    Sheep at Seltuft '09

           Bring the cows down from the mountains         Calves relaxing

   Fretheim Farm'09   Fretheim Farm '09

        Hannah og dexter kyr       Rebekka og dexter kyr

    Seltuft '09   Seltuft stol and the Fretheim Valley

      Veltle sel at Seltuft   Midsummers night 2009


     Villrein    Nyttårs aften i fjells




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